Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Song To You

this is again composed by the blogger himself.

You are the apple of my eye.
You are the light of my sunshine.
Feeling are expressed, to make you  impressed.
And the world keeps turning on and on.
Just to make you happy.
Through this song.

A song composed with a melodic heart.
Not a tragic one nor sad.
Words are softly spoken.
Words are true and cant be broken.
Through this song brought by a couragous composer.
For the girl he loves till the end became nearer.

Words are rhythm to my ear.
My dear, cannot live without you near.
Melodies are sounds i can' t bear.
A song to you will always be clear.



Friday, March 26, 2010

Love your pets. You don't know how much they feel.

Crap...sadness. Our pet dog just died last week. Pasky, (from Pasko, born), just died mysteriously. We don't know the reason why he became pale and tired and lonely. The last time we saw him alive was the time before i left for school, i still saw him as I came home. But at the breaking of the dawn, he was just like a sleeping cute creature, we thought he was just still sleeping, but after taking a long, curious look, we already knew that he was dead. Poor Pasky. (Born- December 25, 200*- Died- March 2*, 2010)

A week after, his mother died. Pami, (from ka-PaMI-lya network), just died same with her son. It is also the breaking of the dawn when we realized that she's already dead. She died because of the blood sucked from her by these evil, little creatures. (louse, as they call it?). My sister cried, and I can't blame her. These pets of ours is like a family to us. So loosing them is like loosing a member of the family. Poor Pami.(Born: unknown- Died: March 25, 2010).

So here's the moral lesson of the story. LOVE your pets, as you love yourself. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

my DELL Inspiron 1440 laptop. my first girlfriend. =P

haha, finally i got my first laptop. hmmm, i am so happy with this coz i know the price is just write with the unit that i bought. 36, 999 pesos to be exact, this notebook really rocks!

with a display of 14.1 inches, and a camera of 1.3 pixels.this notebook really satisfies me. It uses a Core 2 Duo Intel processor which is sooo nice, thinking that the speed will not be a problem to me anymore.It also uses 2GB of memory and 320GB of HDD. An OS of Windows 7 Home Basic(may be upgraded to Premium). It has a 6-cell Lithium ion battery that can last up to 4 to 5 hours...i guess. It also has a built-in Bluetooth and a WiFi. With a black polish, this affordable notebook can be seen to be at super, expensive price.

I bought this at SM Sta.Rosa. Crap! We travelled the heat and accident-prone highway of Skyway. But atleast, after the 2 hours trip, all the tireness and hunger subsided as i go and search for my laptop. This laptop came with a free 4GB Apacer flashdrive and a Globe Tattoo( we added 500 pesos to avail it).

But, despite the good features and a silky-black polish look, i was a little bit dissappointed with the default themes available. Some are good, but the others... are not so nice. So i still have to download for more themes. The charger too doesn't contain the light which indicates if the battery is full or still charging, so i still have to peek in to the desktop to see the improvement.

well, over-all judgement, this notebook is very good. Needless to say, this can really satisfy all my activities on-line and off. All i have to do is to maintain it, take good care of it and always make sure that it is always in  good condition.Thus, giving her the title, "my first girlfriend".

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

left behind

this song was composed by the blogger himself.

walking down the stairway
looking at the blue sky
i don't even remember
the day you go away.

dreaming about you
seating here with me.
watching the sunset
as beautiful as it can be.

you promised you'll never let go.
you promised that you'll stay.
telling me "i'm sorry"
and you have to go away.

life is nothing without the light that makes it bright.
life means nothing when stars fall out of sight.
you promised and told me.
that you will stay.
i'm depressed when you said..."i have to go away".

days have passed
the sun set free.
staring at the wall clock.
alone and lonely.

thinking once and twice.
what have i done?
to make you live me
and die under the sun.

life is nothing without the light that makes it bright.
life means nothing when stars fall out of sight.
you promised and told me.
that you will stay.
i'm depressed when you said..."i had to go away".

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

tulaan sa blog. unang labas.

Ang mg tulang inyong mababasa ay gawa-gawa ng malikhaing isip ng may akda. Ito ay orihinal at lalong hindi ginaya.

"Buksan"  ni james dayag

Ibigay mo ang pangarap sa taong wala nito.
Ibigay mo ang pag-ibig na meron ka.
Ibigay mo ang hangin na iyong nilalanghap.
Ibigay mo ang pangako na siyang sinambit.

Ang bawat pangarap ay hindi lamang para sayo.
Ang puso ay hindi lamang para sa pag-ibig.
Ang hangin ay nariyan lamang.
Ang pangako ay pinipili at binabali.

"Antok" ni james dayag

Lilingon ako, wala ka.
Tatayo, tatalikod.
Muli akong umupo, yumuko.
Dahan-dahan pumikit.

"Engot" ni james dayag

Binuksan ko ang pinto, iyon pala'y bintana.
Tumapak sa lupa, ako'y nakayapak.
Tumakbo ng matulin, hinabol ang saranggola.
Hindi na ako bata, sila'y humalakhak.

"Walang Gabi" ni james dayag

Umaga ng ako'y gumising.
Sikat ng araw, nasilayan.
Init ng hangin, naramdaman.
Muli akong natulog, kinahapunan.
Gumising dahil sa init.
Umaga na ulit.

"Liwanag" ni james dayag

Takot ang nananaig.
Dilim ang nanguna.
Paano pang sisigla.
Liwanag ay nawala na.

"Araw" ni james dayag

Nakaupo sa Luneta.
Pinapanuod ang alon.
Tumayo at tumalon.
Natapilok, bumangon.
Nasilayan ang araw, palubog.
Gaya ng buhay.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Have you ever experienced being drunk the whole night? have you ever realized what are the pros and cons of being over-dosed by these alcoholic chemicals? have you ever realized what might happen if you, as a teenager, became addicted or hooked to drinking hard drinks though you know this wont benefit you?

San miguel beers, colt-45, The Bar, Gran Ma...these are just few of the many hard drinks i often heard, and remembered. These drinks that is tend to be for adults only has been around our lives, deteriorating even the lives of the youngters, like me. I really don't see the point of drinking where in fact, we can still live even without it. In fact, these drinks doesn't bring any advantages or benefits to us. These drinks often brings havoc, misery and regrets into ones life.

I don't even see the point of giving a dumb excuses on why people drink. Like, being heart-broken to forget what happened, to celebrate ones victory, being rejected or foul-played. Man! are these the excuses your telling me why you are drinking? If your heart-broken, just look on the more positive side of life. If you win, jump as high as you can, scream to the top of your lungs. If your rejected, better do next time. But don't drink! If these shallow excuses are enough for you and motivates you to drink and be merry, what's the point of having a brain? C'mon! Think man! Your a human, the highest kind of animal. Don't let yourself be ingulfed by temptation around.

I am not writing this to piss or to offend anyone. I am writing this because i know that there are people out there who's screaming at the top of their lungs saying, "I don't want to live this kind of life!" or "I don't want to drink anymore!", but afraid to do so because they know that even when they refused to get into it, they can't help but be overcomed and again, be back into drinking.

I know that drinking "occassionaly" is just, OK. But there are people out there who defines the word "occassional" into "everyday". HAHA. It's fun to think that there are people who really give time and effort to go to the gym to make them more buff and flab-free. But I don't see the point of having fat-free tummy, yet still drink and drink and drink.

Mind you if I say, if you're a drinker...better think anyway.

Proudly speaking, I am a NO-DRUNKER! a NO-SMOKER!

"life is a game, these are just the basic and elementary steps in a achieving a sinless and a healthy living."


Monday, October 12, 2009

bakit nga ba sinasabit ang "hanger"?

Palagi natin itong nagamit, sa tuwing tayo ay mag sasampay ng ating mga damit o di kay ay kung meron tayong nais patuyuing gamit na nais nating isabit. pero, isang tanong ang sumagi sa aking isipan, "kung bakit nga ba sinadabit ang " Hanger ". Basahin niyo ang alamat na ito.

Noong unang panahon, hindi pa uso ang mga "hanger". Ni wala pa ngang "hanger" noon na maitatawag. Isang araw, pumunta si Mayumi sa ilog upang maligo, kasama niya ang kanyang mga kapatid na Mapera, Mabansot, at ang pinsang nilang si Mabaho. Sila ay puro babae, nuong mga panahong iyon kasi, bawal ang mga anak na kalalakihan bilang pagsunod sa kautusan na puro kababaiahan lamang ang may karapatang mag-hari sa kagubatan. Si Mayumi ang pinaka panganay sa mga ito. Siya din ang pinaka maganda. Si Mapera naman ang pinaka galante at ang pinka maayos sa kagamitan. Si Mabansot naman, kahit siya ang pinakamaliit, ay hindi matatawaran ang katalinuhan. Habang ang kanilang pinsang si Mabaho ang pinaka pangit, mula sa panlabas na kanyuan hanggang sa kanyang ugali.

Habang sila' y naliligo, naisipan ni Mayumi na hugasan na din and kanyang kasuotan. Dahil panganay, sinunod siya nila Mapera at Mabansot. Dahil ginagawa na ng magkakapatid ang pag-hugas sa kanilang kasuotan, hindi na rin naiwasan ni Mabaho ang gumaya. "Hinidi naman natin kailangang gawin ito!" pagalit na wika ni Mabaho. "Narito tayo sa ilog upang maligo at magsaya, hindi upang magtrabaho!" Nagulat ang magkakapatid sa inasal ng pinsan. "Kailangan mo ding hugasan ang iyong kasuotan paminsanminsan." wika ni Mayumi. "Ang panget na nga ng pangalan mo, ang baho mo pa!" sabay tawa ng mga magkakapatid. Nagalit si Mabaho, ayaw niyang maniwala na pangit siya at mabaho.

dahil dito, nag-isip si Mabaho ng paraan upang makaganti sa pangungutya ng magkakapatid. "Sige na nga!" wika nito. "Lahat tayo ay maghuhugas ng kanyang kasuotan, subalit ang maunang magpapatuyo nito at magpapakita na ito ay malinis ay kailangang umalis at lumayo sa pamilya." Nagulat ang magkakapatid sa sinabi ng kanilang pinsan. "Sige, tinatanggap namin ang hamon mo, Mabaho!" pasigaw ni Mapera. Sumangayon naman ang mga kapatid nito.

Muli, naghugas ng husto ang magpipinsan upang matiyak na magiging malinis ang kanilang kasuotan. Unang natapos sa paghuhugas si Mayumi, sinundan ni Mapera at ni Mabansot. 'Saan naman natin ito ilalagay upang madaling matuyo? " patanong ni Mabansot. "Ilagay natin sa ilalim ng lupa!" wika ni Mayumi. "Ang init ng singaw ng lupa ay makakatulong upang madaling matuyo ang ating mga kasuotan." Umaplma ang kanyang ate at sinabing, "Oo, makakatulong nga iro, subalit pabilisan at palinisan ang laban, magiging madumi ito dahil malalagyan ng lupa." Sumang-ayon naman ang dalawa.

Sa kabilang panig, nag-iisip na din si Mabaho kung paano niya mapapatuyo ang kanyang kasuotan ng marinig niya ang usapan ng magkakapatid. narinig niyang sa lupa ilalagay ng mga ito ang kanilang kasuotan. Ginaya niya ito, at sinabing, " Kailangan kong manalo, kundi ako ang mapapa-alis sa angkan." Ipinatong niya ito sa batuhan gaya ng ginawa ng kanyang mga pinsan. "Mayumi, Mapera at Mabansot!" ang tawag ni Mabaho. "Bakit, Mabaho?" ang tanong ni Mayumi. "Tutal, pare-pareho tayong maghihintay dito, bakit hindi muna kayo kumuha ng ating makakain, mas masarap kung may kinakain tayo habang naghihintay, hindi ba?" Agad namang tumugon si Mapera at Mabansot at dali-daling pumunta ng kabundukan upang kumuha ng prutas. Pamimingwit naman ang ginawa ni Mayumi.

Habang abala ang magkakapatid, minabuti ni Mabaho na gumawa ng paraan upang hindi agad matuyo ang kanilang kasuotan. Kinuha niya ito at sinabit sa mga baging sa katabing puno upang sabihin na nilipad ito ng hangin. "Haha, ako na ang mananalo dito, tiyak na mas mainam ang init ng